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Here is what doctors are saying about the Philips Lumify:

“My experience with the Phillips Lumify has been an excellent one. When new products are introduced into the veterinary market, adapted from human medicine, transition, functionality, and usefulness can be challenging. This often delays the acceptance by the veterinary market. With the Lumify, this does not appear to be the case. The software seems well adapted to the needs of todays’ veterinary sonographer. In particular, the compact size and mobility of the system makes it ideal for a veterinary “mobile” sonographer.  One can seamlessly transport from clinic to clinic without disrupting the work flow.  It’s effortless to set up in any room, suite, kennel, or even hallway if necessary.  This flexibility is great.  Additionally, the imaging quality of the linear probe is spot on for what one would expect from Phillips. Cats and small to medium dogs can be scanned easily with this powerful probe.  The large convex probe is also useful in medium to large breed dogs. I can’t say enough about the image quality of this machine, especially when using the linear probe. This machine is an outstanding addition to our busy and growing mobile ultrasound business here in the Houston area. We are so impressed, that we just purchased an additional Lumify! I look forward to the continual advancements of this software and transducers that I know Phillips will offer.”

Dr. Brian Poteet – VitalRads, Houston, TX


“The Lumify has allowed us to improve our point-of-care medicine substantially.  It travels easily to obtain anything from a standard cystocentesis to a F.A.S.T scan to a quick screening to rule out pericardial effusion.  It has become an efficient and effective diagnostic tool for us!”

Dr. Natalie Marks – Blum Animal Hospital, Chicago, IL


“We have been so impressed with the quality, ease, and mobility of the Lumify ultrasound. On our campus we have many individuals using the ultrasound. Some are experts that have had proper training and others have very limited knowledge but use it for their specific purpose. The ease of this machine allows everyone to feel comfortable right from the start, and the price makes it worth every penny!”

Dr. Kevin Conrad – Southeastern Guide Dogs, Palmetto, FL


“Very happy with how this Lumify scans!”

Dr. Kathy Jordan – Crossroads Animal Hospital, Seneca, SC


“Great images! I have an image of tape worms in a thickened, dilated loop of bowel…I doubt few have ever seen anything like it!”

Dr. Kenny Brown, San Antonio, TX


“It’s the most innovative platform that has come out in quite some time.”

Dr. Mark Taylor – Veterinary Imaging Associates, Hamilton, VA